Monday, July 25, 2011

Mike Byerly Photography and Viva La Joya Designs

Mike Byerly Photography and Viva La Joya Designs have collaborated for a fashion photo shoot in Southern California at the end of July 2011.

There are seven photo shoots to be taken place with model, Gina Nikkole, in Malibu and various desert lake beds in So Cal. Each piece of jewelry and hair accessory was custom designed and hand fabricated for each outfit specifically.

Pictures to follow soon on my facebook page and my website

Monday, July 18, 2011

Viva La Joya Designs is morphing into Jioya Mia Designs

After much debating, I have realized Viva La Joya Designs is becoming something new. I am building and morphing my aesthetics as a jewelry designer (as well as most people pronounce the name incorrectly from my original intention, haha), that as of January of 2012 "Viva La Joya Designs" will be called "Jioya Mia Designs" from henceforth.

My great-grandmother, "Mama Annette" used to call out to my sister and I  "Gioia Mia! Gioia Mia!", meaning 'my joy'...'my treasure'. Phonetically it always sounds like "j-oya" or "jioya" to us. We did not understand its meaning until well after her death over 10 years ago. Her passion for her family was very intense and her eyes watered from the ferocity of her love. THIS is what "Jioya" is about.... ferocity without bounds. Love without hesitation. Beauty without limits. Choice without care of consequence.

I await impatiently for "Jioya Mia" to emerge.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Christi's Web Presence 'Web'

A few years ago, I took a risk in the world of entrepeneurship. I co-owned and built up a mobile
automotive repair business. There were countless hours spentg -no, days...WEEKS, even; exploring ways to get the word of the "Car-Diologist", out to the public. It was an awkward time to start a new business from nothing. My partner and I aquired no capital, had no nest egg between us, and neither of us were making any money. I had invested a long time in getting aquainted with the internet because I HAD the time and really, had nothing else to do to pass the days away. QUITE some time later, I became a jewelry designer selling my own work, a Passion Parties busines, and a photography business. After some time, I realize I had become accustomed myself to a marketing pattern, which became part of my business plan. When it comes to being a jeweler with original pieces to sell, Passion Parties to book and help my team get work, and getting my photography services known, I developed the following plan
which helped me get more than 2X the exposure and spending on average 1/4th of the time I would
normally be on the on the internet marketing myself and my services/products. I have consolidated all of what I learned into the following steps:

Part 1: Start with an email account that is versatile for personal and business: GMAIL I recommend google to start your business with, even if you plan on having a website later with an email account attached to it, i.e. When you create a separate email account you create the versatility you need to use all kinds of social media website. Create an email account with google, through

What I LOVE about google: Google docs -you can create an online file(s) of documents in a word, or
spreadsheet type that you can save and have available to you online when you need to access it,
you'll need previous email account to create a new account here. I also love that you can make folders
for different emails to be sorted. I use this religously to keep myself organized and all emails I want
to save in a safe place (I.e. emails that contain registration names and passwords to my social media
accounts, etc.) The third thing I am a huge fan of is the fact there is a 'tasks' pad on your email acct
so you can keep reminders for yourself.

Part 2: Create accounts to complete you "Social Media Trinity" (with the email acct you created)
 I borrowed the idea of the "Social Media Trinity" from The Social Media Bible by Lon Safko
 who so passionately created an entire empire by teaching others how to get into the age of
 social media for major companies.

 I) BLogs -blogger
   Blogger is teamed with google, for easy access. You can create more than
   one blog for each topic (business tips, products, inspiration, reviews, etc)
   I have one for Viva La Joya Designs(how-tos, new designs, other articles),
   Christi Crapotta Photography (tutorials I found from other blogs and my pics),
   and Passion Parties (consultant help, relationship book reviews, product announcements,
   advice) A personal blog for family. Its endless and addicting. In reality, business
   contacts are made more often by people getting to know who YOU are where or where
   your inspiration comes from. When you ad personal touches to your business, i.e.
   a blog, you will create an attraction of followers who want to get to know you and
   what your business is about. The other great thing about Blogger (or wordpress) is blogs
   get easily more found that your website might. My blog entries are all over the place,
   and I paid nothing for that web presence, wheras my website is harder to come across,
   and I PAY for that!
    ***get to know your blog site. Learn about the widgits and all the options
       you have to customize your blog. You can create links to all your social
       networks (see III)
 II) Micro Blogging -twitter
   Make a twitter account, even if you aren't into it. I'm certainly not. But, I use
   it because there are tons of people out there who like to follow others and businesses.
   you can link this to your youtube, blog, and facebook.
 III) Social Networks -facebook, youtube, linkedin, yelp, googlemaps, picassa,
   Now, here is where we get a little more complicated:
   a) create a facebook profile (personal) and then create a page for your business. You
      can choose to login as your personal profile, or your business page, but that option
             you can decide on and change anytime.
   b) Now, make a youtube account. Why? 2 reasons: 1) you can 'like' videos or ad to favorites
             on any topic you want. 2) Upload your own, if you wish -On anything, because your
      voice and knowledge ARE important.
   c) linked in is cool becaues it is like an online directory for professionals.
   d) don't forget to spend some time getting to know Blogger (wordpress is useful too,
                    and you can link blogger to wordpress and use both blog sites at once.),
   e) Yelp and Google Maps are great for listimg your business since they are very
             popular for reviewing businesses. In fact, yelp is so popular that it is now a
      a conversational verb in our vernacular!,
   f) Picassa (others might prefer photobucket and flickr) is connected through google
      and is for photosharing. You can edit your photos, i.e. ad a a watermark with your
             business or website on the photo and download back onto your computer. When you link
      your Picassa to your blog, all uploaded photos on your blog and instantly put onto your
                           Picassa online album.,,

  you can link your twitter to your facebook, your youtube to your twitter, your blog to your
   picassa and youtube, your facebook, to yelp, etc and so on. What happens is if you, for instance,
  update your status or change your profile, or upload anything, on say, your youtube account, it
  will notify your twitter, which will notify your facebook, which notifies EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWS YOU ON ALL 3 sites! Imagine, LESS time at the computer with MAXIMUM web presence for free on the most popular sites!  Thats free advertising, my friend, which means more capital for your business on other things.
To link them all, go into each profile you made and under settings, or the equivalent, look around until you find the option to link accounts and the different sites will prompt you from there.

As for your blog, You have to spend time getting to know it and look through all their 'widgits' to add to your blog site -you can create a facebook 'like' or 'share' button so other people can spread the your entry around the internet (quadruples web presence), you can link your Picassa account so that all your photos you post on any blog entry go into your Picassa web album, which is available to the public.
 Lastly, you can link videos (or create your own with a webcam/camera/imovie, etc) from youtube onto a blog (sharing options) and write an article underneath. For instance, a how-to on crocheting a scarf video and repeating the how-to in writing in the entry (also, quadruples web presence).
 As you spend time perusing the sites and personalization options, you'll create a beautiful
and intricate web in time, AND you'll become savvy at this whole thing in the process. Once you have everything linked up, you now don't ever have to do it again! Your time is yours again!

Now, start googling your business.... Every week after that google yourself again, see the results there as much as the potential phone calls, emails, and followers of your blog and business.

Part 3: Other tips
Take advantage of the google contacts 'groups' option. You can consolidate different contacts under
multiple categories of groups you personalize yourself.

If you want to do a newsletter, write it in a blog entry,then copy the URL and paste it into an email addressed to a contact group. Newsletter services you have to pay for, but this is, again: free and doubly serves to drive traffic to your blog and any other link attached to it.

Pick a photo icon that you can universally use for all your accts, including gmail. If you are not thrilled with your current photo, just put up with it until you get a better one, because profiles without pictures are less likely to be looked at by your friends and fans.

Interactive Email Signature (put your urls for your profiles of these sites on the end of your email

Watermark your photos and articles (For picture files, its possible on Picassa if you don't have photoshop)

If you sell handmade products on Etsy or World of Good by Ebay, you can put a visual link
of your store (with photos of individual products) on your blog.

"Put your twitter account url on your business card" (Safko).

Take advantage of your smartphone if you have one. Most of the previously listed sites have
their own apps for these phones and you can group them together so you can update on the go!
 (Just don't do it while driving, please.).

Put your web address on your mailing label (a lot of people don't do this, it will set you apart). Most
people don't care so much about your place of business as they do your site (Safko).

***Take advantage of your web browser's favorites folders options where you can list every single site
you use on behalf of your business, so they are just a click away. Also, it will make it harder to forget
which sites you do use. This cuts an immense amount of time for me each week and helps keep me
very organized.

I understand I might have thrown a lot out there in this weeks' article, but, if anyone has anything
to ad, please leave a comment underneath and I'll do a follow up article with my follower's reactions.

Remember, love yourself, love your business.... this will make others to love you and it, too.

How to be awesome at Karaoke when you are in fact Petrified

Living a life full of Joya, to me, includes many experiences and memories I'd like to have. One of which is to be able to sing. Not just sing, but open my mouth and let glory come out. In the meantime, being petrified of singing in public, even drunken karaoke is something one should try to overcome.

Today I picked up an issue of Cosmo and found the following advice:

Keep your voice low. Karaoke bars are filled with lots of noise and activity, so keeping it down will help you keep your pipes ready for your moment.

Pick a song that doesn't have too much vocal range. Also, up tempo songs are easier to maintain breath control to avoid crapping out for those high notes.

Bend over. Really... bend over. If you bend at the waist during higher notes, you modify the air pressure which makes it easier to sing that high.

Lastly, pull the mike away.... it will muffle the sounds you DON't want others to hear.

I will give these tips a shot next time I get dragged into karaoke. :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Handmade Jewelry: by eBay

Aside from etsy, you can sell your handmade jewelry on a special portion of ebay called "world of good" see link below.

Handmade Jewelry: by eBay

Friday, March 18, 2011

What I am working so hard for

Lately, I have not been filled with Joya. My inspirations for jewelry haven't been ringing in my heart; I was asked to leave school (although promised a refund, which I probably will not receive without legal intervention); and Laid off from work. The rain will not stop outside my window, nor in my heart at this time. However, this morning, I came downstairs, and I noticed my mother had planted some bulbs (possibly tulips) and I see bright green leaves sprouting from the soil of this pot. I caught myself in mid-grin. Then, on facebook, a friend from my past posted this following video. It is a promo for the Herrang Dance Camp, which is about a month long camp in Europe where there are classes in Lindy hop and the like, performances, etc. I thought back on what my dreams were several years back: which were to dance and just be dance. Nothing makes me happier, not even the Joya I create.

I then remembered why I began working in the world of jewelry: to make time and put in the energy and effort to learn the things I wanted to learn and see the things I wanted to see before my body and my health disintegrate. Viva La Joya Designs, I remembered, I created to help people like me be who they intend to be and feel what they intend to feel. Not what they wish or want, but INTEND. Well, the Joya in my heart INTENDS for me to make a life where I can take care of me, my family, and help others do the same. As well as pursue things that make life worth living, like music and dancing.

This video left angels singing in my heart this morning. I hope you can see why.